Eric Hammond Subcreations Site

Hello. I'm Eric Hammond. Welcome to my site.

I am an illustrator focusing primarily, though not exclusively, on Children's and YA book and magazine illustration. Telling stories in pictures is more than representing words in art; the atmosphere of an illustration should draw the reader, young or old, into a different world. I want to draw readers into the story.

With a background in graphic design and T-shirt illustration, I now use pencil, pen, computer or whatever tool is appropriate to bring stories to life. I do anything from cartoonish to realistic, dark to whimsical. I create color covers, picture book illustrations, color or black & white chapter book illustrations... whatever the need might be. If I can help in an illustrating capacity, contact me.

I am also a writer & poet, so you may find some of my words here and there. Please feel free to browse the galleries, read my ramblings, and drop me a note, if you wish. I look forward to hearing from you.

Eric Hammond Subcreations